Great mothers and fathers, join us

To champion a better future
We believe that a better world starts with a better childhood. BabyChamp BabyWrap was created by a young entrepreneurial couple who want baby’s optimal development using healthy products which benefit newborns and mothers

Our philosophy is inspired in love for children, motherhood and nature. We want to bring back and help others to rediscover a thousand year old natural tradition: Baby wearing. Studies have shown that having your baby close to your body and heart not only allows you (mother, father, baby) to experience a stronger sense of connection and bond, but also provides you various healthy benefits. Enjoy more freedom, closeness and love.

Give the best for your best
We want to support and to champion newborns and parents by crafting ergonomic and beautiful designed high quality products that make real difference and impact in your kid development. Be comfortable, safer and calmer.

Care & give back
Every year around International Children’s Day we come together with our customers to decide where we should donate part of our profit to. Be close and send us your suggestion!

Wear your baby proudly!

Your BabyChamp team,

Benefits For Parents

• Pain-free neck and back: carry your baby in central position; not as to one side as sling carriers nor remaining strains like baby carrier buckles

• Perfect companion: eat meals together with your baby everyday, have him/her always at eye level

• Be able to read or use the computer while baby snuggles comfortably in babywrap

• Hands-free activities: carry bags and patientily shop while your baby is comfortably warm in babywrap, go for walkings with baby and dog

• Time-saver due to hands-free activities done

• Space-saver and independence: no need to open space for a pram at restaurants or coffees nor lug a pram up and down in public transport or flight trips

• Keep the upright posture: stretch the long wrap over your shoulders to increase surface area and have less pressure on your neck

• Essential for new parents: don’t leave your baby never alone

Benefits For Babies

• Cry-less: soothe a fussy or claiming baby. After placed in the wrap, your baby feels cuddled and calmer. The soft fabric touch gives a very good feeling to relax: he/she will fall asleep almost instantly

• Pain-free for reflux: leave your baby in upright position after meals helps baby digestion and gas expelling

• Hands-free cuddle: your baby will feel always warm and embraced due to the cloth layers in his/her back. Make your baby cosy and happy criating a very close bond with him/her

• Give your baby the freedom to walk around (with you): you can see how her/his little face reacts discovering the world

• Perfect for other toddler’s parents: attend to older child with both hands while using baby wrap. For parents of twins, mom and dad can carry a baby each while holding hands

Safety And Care

Do not place baby into the wrap in forward position. You should both be facing each other (until baby can holds up head on its own)

Do not leave baby who cannot sit up yet with legs outside the wrap

• Prevent baby from looking at one side and leaning out of the wrap. Tie baby wrap symmetrically and tight it well

Do not obstruct baby’s nose and mouth with your breast nor chest

Do not allow your baby to bent his head backwards. Use the wrap or your hands for supporting it

Do not use babywrap in a car nor while riding

Do not use any type of belt when wearing the wrap

Do not use for babies less then 3 kg (7 pounds)

Do not bend over at the torso while holding baby due to risk of a back dive fall

• Never do sports wearing babywrap, such as jumping, running, riding a bike etc.

Do not leave the cloth wrapped around an unattended baby

Never drink hot liquids when wearing baby

Do not let grownup babies to have arms and shoulders outside the wrap. They will use hands and arms to touch and hold anything

• Use you common sense at all times. You are responsible for your baby’s safety. Use your best judgement to keep your baby secure and safe.

Quality And Satisfaction

• 5 meters long and totally adjustable: from tiny and premature babies to long and heavy ones

• Folds to small size in own carry bag (20x10cm)

• Extremely soft (95% beathable cotton) and stretchy (5% spandex) cloth. It washes well and dryes fast for daily usage

• Resistent and supportive cloth, with all around sewing and good finishing

• Machine washable at 30 °C. Do not bleach. Do not iron

• Comfortably carry your baby for hours: pre-wrap up in the beginning of the day, drop on and off your baby easily at anytime

• Perfect gift for baby showers or baby-month anniversary. Batter baby using until 12kg (26,4lbs)

More Than a Wrap

Belly Wrap

• Pregnancy support belly belt: spread the wrap over your belly and relieve back pain

• Womb wrap: reduce diastasis recti/abdominal separation susceptibility

• Postpartum belly binding: improves circulation, relieves water retention and encourages diastasis separation healing

• Cesarean recovery support: speeds up the healing process of the uterus


• Watch your baby wake up and look happy because he/she sees your face and don’t cry for feeling alone

• Nursering cover
• Make your breastfeed lighter and improve posture: reduce back and shoulder pain and relieves muscular and tendon tension throughout the torso


• Prepare a hammock to your baby or toddler: tie the wrap around table (make one single knot on the table) or over baby crib (make one knot each side)