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Make babywear attractive to your baby

The secret is simple: make babywear a moment of joy and cuddling! You have to teach your baby this meaning. So, first requirement is mother to be happy and calm to enjoy the sling. If you are stressed or anxious you will probably not even have patience to wrap the cloth around you… 

  • Wear the sling and your baby while stand up;
  • Turn on some music and dance with your baby, enjoy a happy moment;
  • Do not wear a shirt with big buttons/zipper which can be irritating for the baby;
  • Do not use a strong perfume, baby will be close to your skin and likes your natural mama smell;
  • Babywear outdoors, enjoy the good weather – there’s so much to see;
  • If your baby likes to see, it may be irritating if you cover his/her face.
  • Breastfeed while using the sling: your baby will associate to a pleasant moment!
  • Try different knots: a long stretchy sling – as BabyChamp with 5 meters – is the most versatile one with multiple knots options;
  • Remember that you have hands-free while babywearing, so keep moving and your baby will love the balance! 
  • Letting your baby close to you heart will make him/her so comfortable that will probably fall into a cozy nap. Enjoy!



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How to babywear your BabyChamp sling in summer

Mothers are usually very well informed about hot weather and babies. Indoors, for example, it is typical to let baby live in a diaper without the t-shirt, as the are probably wearing some light dress. But when it comes to babywear, and outside, how to dress appropriately? Not only, check how mothers and baby can safe and comfortably enjoy the sun.

Babywear in the sun

Make sure your baby stays hydrated. Let baby drink as much as possible, whether from the breast or bottle. If you’re breastfeeding, drink a lot of water too. Wearing a sling you can have hands free and carry a bottle of water.

Protect tender skin from the sun: legs, arms, head and neck. Try to seek shelter during the sunniest times of day and shield skin with clothing, hat, a parasol, water spray. Keep baby’s airways always clear. It’s not recommended for young babies to use sunscreens, but older infants and children can do so as long as we remember sunscreens aren’t a substitute for common sense behavior.

Infants are sensitive to temperature extremes (low or high) and cannot regulate their temperatures well. For this reason, babywearing is often recommended for small babies due to thermoregulation. Also, evaporation is an effective and natural method of cooling, allowing baby’s sweat to evaporate off and keep your little one feeling cooler.

Prefer baby wraps with natural fabrics (cotton or linen) because they dry quickly. If you don’t own more than one sling, you may want a baby wrap that is ready to use in the afternoon or the next day after sweating. BabyChamp sling is 95% cotton.

You will not be less hot not using a sling. Simply because you will be also hot by carrying your baby, his/her bag and pushing the pram. At least with a baby wrap, you’ll have your hands free to keep your water bottle. Also, absolute skin-to-skin can gets too sticky. So better always keeps a minimal amount of fabric touching each of you, and minimizes skin contact as well.

Prefer light knots

Heat increases according to the amount of layers you use your wrap. Use only one layer of fabric over your baby to make it more breathability and doesn’t put as much fabric over your chest in front. Kangaroo Carry and Robin’s Hip Carry are popular choices with fewer passes of cloth. Click on the image to see video.

For older babies, a back carry might allow you more air circulation. Try Rucksack Carry if you and your baby are ready for it: when your baby has head support and when front carries distribution of weight is uncomfortable for you. Click on the image to see video.